We are proud to be part of the ALUP ENERGY EXPERT PARTNERSHIP. We are designing the most energy efficient Compressed Air systems to make a real difference to the businesses of our customers.

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The ALUP APPROVED ENERGY EXPERT status is awarded to distributors who are at the forefront of the Compressed Air Industry. Our expertise, training and support facilities have been thoroughly developed and tested to ensure they meet ALUP's and ABAC's demanding standards.


  • Continous training and monitoring to ensure our customers benefit from reliable and qualified service.
  • We are equipped with the latest monitoring equipment, making sure we understand and monitor our customers needs accurately and dependably.
  • We are qualified in all areas of Compressed Air technology, allowing our customers maximum energy savings from every component within your Compressed Air System.
  • Advanced Technology, the result of our expertise and ABAC's continous development means our equipment offers class leading performance, efficiency and reliability
  • The unique partnership between ourselves, ABAC and our customers means we take responsibility for your systems and as your requirements change we are on hand to develop solutions to make a real difference to your business.
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